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About Me

B Camera 1-flipped.jpg

I love what I do!

We juggle a lot of titles - mine include mom, wife, grandma, dog-mom, violinist, volunteer, and photographer.

We’re all so busy and pulled in many directions - sometimes we forget to pause for a moment to appreciate and remember the moments along the way.

That’s one thing that inspires me most about being a portrait photographer - I get to help people freeze time for a moment and preserve those precious memories. 

When I share a gallery with a client, and their face lights up as they see the pictures, I’m not sure which one of us is more delighted. I’m so lucky that I truly look forward to working every day.

I was 13 or 14 when my Dad gave me my first real camera, a Pentax K1000 35mm film camera. Unlike today’s cameras, it was completely manual, with only two dials on top - one to set shutter speed and one to advance the film. I grew up with that camera, and fell in love with photography learning to shoot with it. When I went to college I took photography classes where I studied light, composition, and learned to develop my own black and white film. 

The closest we got to professional portraits when my kids were younger

As digital cameras appeared, I owned some of the earliest models, and continued to take occasional photography classes and workshops, but eventually a non-photography career, a husband and two active children, and multiple pets pushed my love of photography into the background. When my children were grown and on their own, I once again found the time to rekindle my love of photography. After a bit of review and practice - and learning some new technology - I founded Photos By Brynda.

My grown-up family (professional photo from an event)

While I love many types of photography, portraits are my passion. I treasure pictures of my kids and pets and loved ones, and I wish had more (and better) photos of them at all the ages and stages, something my toddler granddaughter will never have to worry about as long as Grandma’s around! Everyone should have those precious moments preserved, and that’s where Photos By Brynda comes in. I want to help you - not just to have snapshots, but to create photographs and memories you’ll want to keep forever. Through a balance of planning, technical skill, artistic vision, and heart, I strive to preserve your memories, while showcasing you and your loved one’s personalities. 

Rory Zoo 12.jpg
Everything is a photo op - like baby's first zoo - when Grandma is a photographer
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