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Family Photography

As my family’s “official” photographer, sometimes I’m too busy taking photos instead of being included in them. When I look back at my family’s memories, I am mostly found behind the camera. Over the years, I’ve learned how important it is to sometimes let someone else handle the photography, and just enjoy being part of the photos with my family at each age and stage. That’s where Photos By Brynda comes in. I’ll guide you through everything from what to wear and where to go, through poses - I love a mixture of both posed and natural moments - to how to select your final heirlooms. Let’s make sure the entire family is in the photos, so that you can look back on these precious moments with your loved ones.

“Brynda is a step above other photographers. She has an eye for all of the little details, from light and shadow to settings and poses. The quality of her photos really stands out.” - Bethany M

Family Portrait Packages start at $250

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