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Birds and Wildlife

Ralph Waldo Emerson said "lose yourself in nature and find peace."

When I head out with my camera on a trail, I find peace. My mind calms, my eyes focus on scanning the trees and sky for birds. I listen for chirps and tweets and the leaves rustling in the wind. I listen to nature's soundtrack rather than my favorite Spotify playlist so that I don't miss anything.

Some days I don't find much to photograph, and I focus on breathing in the fresh air, shutting out the noise of the world. Other days, I am astonished by the gifts I find. A young buck calmly gazing at me from the brush. A glorious hawk soaring overhead. A tiny warbler flitting about the trees. I lift my camera and take aim, softly pressing the shutter and smiling because I know I have just captured that moment forever. 

This is where I share those gifts from nature with you. Please enjoy. And if you should wish to have one of these images for the walls of your home, please contact me for more information.

Ruby Throated Hummingbird 19-CR3_DxO_DeepPRIME_edited.jpg
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