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Featuring: Birds & Wildlife

"Do what you love and you'll never work a day in your life" (Confucious - although I've seen it attributed to a few others as well).

Have you checked out the "More Photos" section yet? I'll be highlighting areas of my website here as we go along. Today, I want to share this recent shot of a gorgeous Red Shouldered Hawk, seen in the Birds and Wildlife section.

I am never bored when I have my camera, and one thing I love is heading into our beautiful National Parks and other local trails. I have a harness for my camera - picture a "Baby Bjorn" type setup - so I can carry it hands-free, and grab it quickly when I see a photo opportunity. Spending time outside never fails to clear my head and improve my mood, while I wait for nature to offer up her beautiful gifts. As much as I love music, no headphones for me on my photo hikes - I'd miss so much if I didn't hear leaves rustling or a distant call guiding me to discover a woodland creature.

Whether it's tiny birds flitting wildly through the leaves, a hawk soaring overhead, a woodpecker renovating a tree-home, or a shy doe glancing through the brush, I move quietly as I catch those moments with my long lens. I don't always get the shot, but that's part of the process too. I come home thrilled with a shot I've just captured, and at the same time I have a list in my mind of the shots that have so far eluded me. Balance in everything.

Please click around, check out some of my favorite bird and wildlife shots, as well as the other sections. I'll update the site as I capture new favorite shots, so be sure to check back regularly! There are even more pics on my Facbook page. And if you are interested in purchasing one of my prints, please contact me!

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